An amazing detox testimonial:

Live Well Clinic, I wanted to tell you how wonderful I feel since doing the detox in April and sticking to the Paleo diet. I’ve lost 15 pounds without even trying and the best news is that I just had my 6 month blood work done and all my numbers are so excellent I do not have to take my cholesterol medication anymore!! It went from 209 to 166!! My LDL went from 129 to 85!! My doctor was so thrilled and asked me all about the detox and the Paleo diet! :) I think I’ve been taking Statins for 10 years??? And in 3.5 months it all changed that easily. I have no cravings for all the sweets I’ve had my entire life!! I could not be happier!! What a gift. Thank you!!!

Best Regards,

Nancy Javitch, ABR®, SFR® , e-PRO® Southern Hills Real Estate

21 Day Cleanse & Detox Diet – Live Well 21 Day Revitalizing Cleanse

Lose Fat * Reduce Inflammation and Pain * Clairfy your Skin * Increase Energy and Mental Clarity * Eliminate Cravings and Blood Sugar Imbalances * Restore your Natural Digestive and Detoxification Functions

Cleansing involves dietary and lifestyle changes that reduce your toxic burden and improve your elimination processes, almost like when an oil change for a car improves its efficiency. Taking a break from inflammatory foods like sugar, caffeine, and alcohol, reduces the chronic stress loaded daily on your detox organs. The Live Well 21 day Revitializing Cleanse allows you to take a time out from running on full throttle every day of your life. It’s three weeks out of your life where you simply choose YOU as a priority. Self-care habits and feeding your body optimal fuel during the 21 day cleanse enriches your cellular nutrient reserves and can very quickly change the state of how you feel. No one has ever regretted making this journey toward health. The 21 days aren’t without challenge, but the rewards are great!

During this time, many people are able to identify and eliminate specific chemicals and/or foods that cause inflammation and immune imbalances in their body, resulting in increased energy, weight loss, normalization of digestive function, more restful sleep, and a reduction in pain, headaches, and other chronic disease symptoms.

Most participants choose to Participate in Live Well 21 day Revitalizing Cleanse program every 6 months because it’s a simple “re-set” to nip bad habits before you turn down an unhealthy diet and lifestyle once age. It allows your body to rest and recover from the constant stress of an overflow of toxic burden. Ask about our popular Live Well 21 day Revitalizing Group Cleanse program. Joining a group cleanse program has the advantage of accountability and support and increases your chances of a successful cleanse. Plus we all have fun together.

21 Day Cleanse Program Group Option (Live Well Revitalize Program) Includes:

  • Step-by-Step recipe guide, instruction and materials
  • Complete 21-day supply of Cleansing protein shakes (meal replacement), antioxidant and vitamin greengoodness powder and detox supplements.
  • Shopping Lists and guided grocery store tour- (if local held at Whole Foods)
  • Weekly Body Composition Testing
  • Education Sessions led by Live Well’s doctors and Nutritionist for your Success
    • Topics include how food can cause or contribute to disease
    • Food Allergies, low down on gluten and grains
    • Arthritis and pain treatment through diet
    • Weight loss tips
    • How to find out what foods are INTOLERANT in your body

Our ever popular 21 Day Group Revitalizing Cleanse Program is ongoing at Live Well Clinic in La Quinta! Join us for our quarterly classes. Go to our calendar page for the next start date. Cost: $299

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