The Many Masks We Wear

02.07.16 /

In celebration of Halloween, I thought it only prudent to speak of the masks we wear, not just on October 31st, but on every day of the year. Often times we try to put on airs, be someone we are not in order to fit in, or even bare a more negative side of ourselves to prove a point. In al of these cases, we are demonstrating an aspect of our innate personality. There are many masks that we don each and every day.

According to the Enneagram (a respected personality profiling system), there are nine distinct personality types, and we all have characteristics of each of them, yet, only one or possibly two of these types serve as our dominant personality. Each of these types describe a certain role that we play in this world. For instance, those that are Type Two, such as myself, are most interested in being loved, expressing their feelings for others, assisting others and being altruistic…thus this type is named, The Helper.  In this type, and in all the others, there is a basic fear and a basic desire. As humans, we attempt to avoid situations and people that trigger or drum up that fear in us…and at the same time, we are also very motivated to have our desires met. These innate drives are what cause us to appear that we are wearing different masks. In any given day, as our mood shifts, circumstances change, and our energy elevates and depletes, our various reactions might seem to be out of our own control.

What would it be like if you understood how to effortlessly manage your basic fear and basic desire? What possibilities would this open up for you? What if you could choose the mask you wanted to wear instead of it choosing you?

Come join me for an in depth study, including the Enneagram test, of what your innate personality type is. You will leave with a greater understanding of why you feel and think the way you do, and most importantly, how to manage those parts of you that seem so unruly.

Elizabeth Scarcella is a Holistic Counselor with a Masters degree in counseling. Elizabeth helps clients with a range of ailments, including traumatic and abusive past, insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, emotional eating, self-esteem and success issues. She is available for private or group sessions. Visit or call 760-771-5970 to schedule your appointment.

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