Why Resolutions Don’t Work and What to do About It

02.07.16 /

Ahh, its the beginning of another calendar year and so many of us vow to be healthier, move more, love generously and donate our time and treasures, among many other promises. But, come Valentines Day, the best of these promises sit at the bottom of our To-Do list. Why does this happen year and after year even though our intention is strong?

Our resolutions have nothing to do with intention or desire…keeping a promise to make a change takes commitment and practice. Otherwise, your resolution is nothing more than a wish.

Instead of the word, resolution, I prefer the word, resolve. They may seem exactly the same, please forgive my semantical ways. Yet, I contest, they have totally different meanings. Resolution is an object, a concept, a notion. While resolve is an action, a commitment, a promise. Resolutions live in our mind. Resolve lives outside of our body. Resolve moves things from a nice notion or thought to the “doing” phase where results are produced. How many times have you thought of something great, worthwhile, interesting or even life changing…and here in the future, your good idea is just that….a good idea that lives in your mind?

Where as, to have resolve, we use our commitment to push us forward…from the concept stage to the doing stage. We move from just a good idea to actually bringing into the material world that which only existed in our abstract mind.

How do I achieve this shift, you may be wondering?  I wish I had a magical solution to help you move from resolution to resolve. However, just like you, I must lobby my stubborn lazy mind to be willing to be in action in order to produce results. I must convince my mind that a thought is just that, and what I am more motivated to achieve is results. Furthermore, I must not allow my sneaky and tricky mind to manipulate me into believing that a thought is as good as resolve. When I do fall into that trap, I am left with unmet resolutions and yet another calendar year to do the same thing and expect a different result.

If you are finally sick and tired of making resolutions when what you really want to have is more resolve, please call our office and schedule a 30 min consultation. I can help you move your mind from concept to completion.

Elizabeth Scarcella is a Holistic Counselor with a Masters degree in counseling. Elizabeth helps clients with a range of ailments, including traumatic and abusive past, insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, emotional eating, self-esteem and success issues. She is available for private or group sessions. Visit www.livewellclinic.org or call 760-771-5970 to schedule your appointment.

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