Integrative Cardiology

Heart disease is the #1 cause of death in men and women.

Heart disease is the most common and most serious health condition in the United States.

1 in 6 deaths among Americans is caused by Coronary Artery Disease (CAD).

50% of people who have a cardiovascular event have “normal” cholesterol.

How do you access your TRUE RISK?

True risk is only known when we consider the whole picture when it comes to looking at your heart.  Clearly, cholesterol numbers just aren’t enough.  It is important to know your genetic risks, your inflammatory status, the health of your vessel walls, and the shape and density of the lipid particles inside your vessels.  If you knew there were ways to intervene before the development of disease, would you be interested in finding your TRUE RISK?

With 1 tube of blood, doctors can now measure if your coronary arteries have more than 50% blockage. What you do several times daily (EAT, SIT, WORRY, DRINK) has more to do with your destiny than your genetics.

Live Well Clinic offers a full spectrum snapshot of your cardiovascular system through the most cutting edge blood tests.  Prevention is the key to avoiding catastrophic, life- altering, cardiac events.  Find out how to change the course of your HEART health through natural preventative practices.  It’s not always the fancy treatments that make the difference. True change comes in the subtle habits and practice you do in your everyday life.

Live Well Clinic’s Approach to Heart Health

  • Measure genetic propensities to cardiovascular and metabolic disease

  • Use advanced lipid testing– The most direct and detailed measurement of lipids and all associated independent risk factors for cardiovascular disease

  • Assess the health of your blood vessels through both innovative mRNA testing and vascular inflammation markers

  • Monitor the hormones that affect your metabolism

  • Assess how your diet and lifestyle can be optimized for prevention or treatment of cardiovascular conditions

  • Create a MANAGABLE plan to reverse the path toward HEART DISEASE

  • Spend 90 Minutes with a Doctor who values personalized approaches to your care

* Most tests are covered under any insurance plan including Medicare.  Visits with the doctor are billed individually outside of insurance.

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