Holistic Health for Children and Teens

young doctor with happy baby making examination

As a naturopathic doctor at Live Well Clinic, we focus on nutrition and lifestyle as the foundation of your health, and reserve stronger medications only for when they are really needed. We strive to educate and empower so you can make informed decisions best suited for all members of your family. Prevention and treating the root cause of disease is paramount to naturopathic philosophy.

As a naturopathic pediatrician, Dr. Brian Myers follows the same philosophical approach – to treat the whole child and not just a disease or condition. The first visit includes a thorough intake and exam with space to address parental concerns. We will work together throughout your child’s care to address those concerns using the latest research and diagnostic tools to integrate the best of conventional and traditional medical therapies tailored to his or her unique needs.

As a parent, it is important to play an active and informed role in your child’s development. My goal is to teach you and your child how to care for yourself so you can live your optimal life. I encourage you to take advantage of the Coachella Valley’s first naturopathic pediatric care for all of your child’s medical needs from infancy to adulthood.

Services include:

  • Well child exams and preventative education

  • Sports physicals

  • Nutrition and food introduction education

  • Food intolerance evaluation and diagnostic lab work

  • Skincare treatments for acne, rashes, and allergies

  • Vaccine education and alternative schedule options

  • Developmental evaluation: motor and learning skills

  • Treatment of: childhood obesity, asthma, autism spectrum, ADD, and ADHD, and acute illnesses (fever, ear infections, coughs, flu, common cold, etc)

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