Stem Cell Therapy : New Breakthrough is a real treatment option in the US

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It’s football season, and injuries to pro athletes are not uncommon. You may have noticed the increase in athletes turning to a cutting edge regenerative therapy called adipose derived stem cell therapy (ADSC) to get back into the game quickly. Quarterback Peyton Manning, after suffering a severe injury in his neck, turned to stem cell therapy after a year of rehab and surgery that didn’t control his pain or completely heal the injury.

The new procedure in regenerative medicine is non-embryonic adult mesenchymal stem cell therapy.  These cells are found in fat (adipose) or bone marrow.  Most physicians have opted to harvest fat derived stem cells under local anesthesia mostly because they are more abundantly found in fat than in bone marrow. Once the adipose derived stem cells (ADSC) are extracted out of the fat, they are either injected into an area of injury, such as an arthritic joint, applied to the skin for aesthetics or infused intravenously for chronic and terminal disease treatment.

Stem cells are known as “progenitor” cells. This means they remain dormant unless they witness some level of tissue injury.  Think of them like seeds, waiting to be planted into fertile soil to grow.  In the case of the stem cells, it is the tissue injury and the lack of oxygen in the tissue that turns them on. When a person has a degenerative injury or disease, stem cells naturally migrate to the area of need and regenerate through a natural repair process. It’s when this process becomes less effective that our tissues are not able to recover.


Stem cells make a decision what cell tissue they become depending on the environment they are in or in the case of stem cell treatment what part of the body the cells are injected.  They use our body’s master blueprint to create intelligent internal repair.

Most diseases are at the cellular level – either they have damaged cells (example heart failure- unable to effectively pump blood through heart) or they have completely died off (Parkinson-brain cells in certain area of the brain).   With the introduction of concentrated healthy stem cells to the area damaged by disease it is possible to regenerate new and healthy function in the tissue.  This is the premise of stem cell therapy.

The words ‘Stem Cell’ have always stirred up controversy. In the case of (ADSC) therapy, it does not necessarily apply.   As long as doctors follow FDA guidelines in providing same-day treatment as when the cells were derived with the patient’s own cells, which undergo minimal manipulation, it is a legal treatment in the US.

Stem Cell Therapy is used to treat patients with a wide variety of conditions. Our doctors medically treat patients with diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Lupus, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, Autism, Chronic Fatigue, Erectile Dysfunction, and the Epstein Barr Virus. Many sport injuries including those involving muscles, tendons, or joints, have also been treated.

I believe the potential of stem cell therapy to ease suffering and dramatically affect disease, especially one’s with no cure is an exciting new area of research and treatment.  It is exciting to help patients heal through stem cells what used to be only corrected through surgery.


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Dr. Nicole Ortiz is a national leader in regenerative medicine.  She is co-owner of Live Well Clinic where she offers cutting edge therapies in the areas of preventative heart health and regenerative medicine through PRP and Stem Cell Therapies.  She has had a passion for regenerative injection therapies since her initial years in medical school.  She has received extensive training in regenerative injection techniques such as prolotherapy, PRP and adipose derived stem cell therapy throughout her career.

Dr. Ortiz is a vocal advocate of taking charge of your own health through the fundamentals of life: diet, movement, love, sleep, hydration and natural therapies.  Whether you are looking to take innovative preventative heart tests not offered in a conventional medical setting or looking to treat a disease or prevent aging through stem cell therapy, stop by and ask the doctor what she has to offer.

Dr. Sonja Fung, cofounder of Live Well Clinic also shares a passion for regenerative stem cell therapy.  She joins Dr. Ortiz as leaders nationally in Naturopathic Regenerative Therapies for disease, orthopedics and aesthetic applications.

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