What women need to know about their unique HEART DISEASE RISK

02.07.16 /

Taking a preventative approach to the silent killer.

Truth is the majority of cardiovascular disease can be prevented, yet it remains the #1 cause of death for women.

It is imperative for each woman to at least keep heart health on her RADAR, even when she has no symptoms of danger.  Why?  A female heart doesn’t often give outward danger signs until it’s too late.  Statistics show that 50% of women who present to the ER with a suspected heart attack have normal cholesterol.  This tells us there is much more to the story than just knowing what your cholesterol numbers are.

I suggest taking a look at the following risk factors and identify if you have reason to be assessed for cardiovascular disease through a preventative approach.

Risk factors for heart disease in women:

  • Diabetes
  • Prior heart disease, stroke, or other vascular disease
  • Family history
  • Cholesterol abnormalities (i.e., dyslipidemia)
  • High blood pressure
  • Smoking
  • Overweight
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Sleep disorders
  • Age-over 50
  • Postmenopausal status

The majority of cardiovascular diseases can be prevented!!!

Preventive heart health assessment allows for analysis and treatment of those at risk of heart disease well before a serious event occurs. Traditional cardiology practice waits until disease has already become present and then treatment is initiated to stop the progression of disease. It’s for you to decide what approach best fits your philosophy, but for me, never having to suffer from a heart attack by taking steps even in my 30s seems logical.

I have included my general recommendations for women to live a life free of cardiovascular disease.

Sleep.  Stress Less.  Balance hormones- Consider bio-identical hormone replacement during and after menopause.  Give and receive love. Move alot. Don’t smoke (too many wrinkles). Eat organic real food – Lots of fat and as little sugar as possible.

Finally, be sure to get a comprehensive PREVENTATIVE heart workup at a health clinic that has a cardiovascular program.  There is even a new genetic test made to specifically pick up blockage in a woman’s coronary arteries. Never before has such advances been available for women.

Author Dr. Nicole Ortiz, who has a focus on preventative cardiology and regenerative medicine. For more info contact Live Well Clinic www.livewellclinic.org. 760-771-5970.

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