Tea it up!

By Shari Jainuddin ND, BCB Teas are a great way to get medicinal benefits of plants into the body and hydrate at the same time, as well as it usually doesn’t feel like you are drinking medicine. It’s so hot outside. You want me to drink hot tea!?!? The good news is...

Pelvic Floor Muscles; The Unsung Heroes

By Shari Jainuddin ND, BCB We go about our days hurriedly without much care about parts of our body that we take for granted. The pelvis is usually one of them. When people head to the gym you don’t hear people say “I’m going to go work out my pelvic floor muscles,”...

The B’s Knees

By Shari Jainuddin ND, BCB Many people are familiar with the importance of B Vitamins and their effect when it comes to energy. In fact, that is part of the reason that B12 and other B vitamin shots have become so popular. But in addition to feeling a boost in energy,...

Do Electronics Have You Cross?

By Shari Jainuddin, ND, BCB Maybe they do figuratively, but I am talking literally. With the infiltration of electronics into every facet of our lives, and even more so now with an increase in the number of people working at or having to stay home, physical ailments...

Bring the Outdoors In

By Shari Jainuddin, ND, BCB While we don’t have much control over where we can go outside of our homes, we can control the bringing some of the outside into our indoor space. With the current state of limited access to places, people, and things to do, it is important...

Contrast Hydrotherapy to Improve Circulation

By Shari Jainuddin, ND, BCB In naturopathic medical school we are taught the art of water (hydro) therapy. This therapeutic approach includes contrast hydrotherapy which can be used to increase circulation to a specific area or the whole body. (You may be familiar...


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