Functions of Onions

By Shari Jainuddin, ND, BCB Onions not only provide a spice to life, but they are beneficial to your health. Personally, I always loved onions, and if you check out the “3 Fun Facts” about me in our Newsletter, you’ll see that I used to eat them like apples at my...

Avocados: Nature’s Not So Fruity, Fruit.

By Dr. Shari Jainuddin,ND Avocados have been all the rage for the last decade or so. Don’t get me wrong, I have been incorporating them into my diet any way I can. But when I was growing up in the Midwest, I don’t think I ever saw an avocado in my house....

I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead?

By Dr. Shari Jainuddin, ND Sleep is, and has been, my number one health tip. I tell people off-the-cuff, “I never cheat on my sleep”. I made this commitment to myself and stayed committed even through situations that begged for pulling overnighters. I...

Let Us Grieve

By Dr. Shari Jainuddin Many recent (and not so recent) events, socially, politically, and in our healthcare system, have left many of us feeling a sense of loss.  Loss of jobs, loved ones, stability, a sense of safety in our homes and community, and physical abilities...


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