I just had by baby, should I still take my prenatals?

It is very important to keep taking your prenatal pills. It is important to fully replenish your body after your baby is born. We recommend taking essential fish oil daily to add omega 3’s known as DHA and EPA. New mommies are often depleted in DHA after birth, which can explain the “foggy brain” and some “baby blues”. Your breast milk is great way to pass the DHA to your baby’s brain for development. It is also very important, especially for a nursing mother, to take a good calcium supplement or eat enough calcium fortified foods like beans, spinach, kale and almonds. A nursing mother needs about 1200mg of calcium per day. If your calcium intake falls below the recommended amount, your body will draw on bone stores for calcium, and bone loss may occur.

My baby was born 2 weeks ago, when should I start back at the gym?

Wait about six weeks before you begin an attempt at weight loss and exercise. It is more important to eat healthy and drink plenty of water during your recovery time. A well balanced diet is very important. Be patient with yourself! It took you about 40 weeks to grow your baby, give your body at least the same time to reshape.

What is the best way to bond with my baby?

The first hour of your baby’s life is so important. It is during this time mother and baby first bond. This is done through skin-to-skin contact. The days and months after birth, baby and mommy can bond in several ways. The easiest and most effective way is to keep your baby close to you throughout the day. This can be done by “wearing” your baby. Both parents can take part, which makes it a great way for Dad to bond too. Wearing your baby in a sling, mai tai or any other carrier allows the caregiver to do housework, shopping and exercise all while nurturing your baby at the same time.

My friend said breastfeeding hurts, is that true?

Breast is best. Nothing can duplicate breast milk. There are so many health benefits and I encourage you to do your own research. There is a lot to learn about breastfeeding your baby, and practice make perfect. Don’t give up! Breastfeeding is a commitment. It should not hurt. If you are experiencing pain, it means baby is not latching correctly. Remember that your diet during breastfeeding is very important for your milk production and you should be drinking plenty of water.

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