By Shari Jainuddin, ND, BCB

Recently, I was contacted for advice on treatment for [mild] depression, specifically supplements that could help. This has happened frequently since I became a doctor. They were looking for an alternative to medication, a supplement, a more “natural” option. I explained to them that while naturopathic medicine does have options that are non-pharmaceutical, our philosophy and approach to treatment looks at whole person health. The cause of depression in one person may not be the same as the cause for depression in someone else.

ND’s take into consideration many variables, including patient preference, and the treatment may look as different as the patients do. A person is not just a condition, disease, or illness to be given a generalized treatment. This is a paradigm shift for American culture and can be difficult to understand at first since the current healthcare system uses that approach, leaving little room for the individual. In this medicine, it is all about the individual. Naturopathic medicine is personalized; one size does not fit all.