Bio-identical Hormone Replacement

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement

All of the hormones in your body are designed to work together to provide optimal wellness and vitality. Most of us put enormous demands on our body; much more stress than we were designed to deal with. We often do not give our bodies adequate support to deal with the stressors in our lives.

As humans we go through hormonal changes, especially during midlife. Men and women may not have exactly the same symptoms, and they handle the changes in their bodies and minds in different fashions, but the both can benefit from natural hormone therapy.

Many people put off seeking the advice and help from their physician hoping their symptoms will go away, but for most people it does not. The mood swings, disconnect from your spouse, sexual difficulties and physical changes, such as weight gain, can make you feel like your life is crumbling. Don’t let embarrassment or denial keep you from seeking professional help. There are new, safe and natural treatments that will help you gain control of the hormonal rollercoaster that is happening inside.

Our natural hormone balancing program consists of a comprehensive initial consultation, physical examination, collection* or review of your lab, a detailed plan to optimize your happiness, and prescription of compounded bio-identical hormones.

*Some lab work may have additional charge