IV Nutrient Therapy

IV Nutrient Therapy​

Intravenous (IV) nutritional therapy is an excellent way to get vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and medicines directly into your bloodstream to more effectively nourish and rebuild your body. If your digestive system is impaired or damaged by inflammation from food allergies/sensitivities, over-use of medications like antacids or antibiotics, or from chemotherapy and radiation, your cells will have difficulty absorbing enough oral nutrients. Through an IV, we are able to bypass the digestive system and directly deliver to your cells much higher doses of nutrients than could typically be given and absorbed orally.

IV infusions can be used both preventatively, to maintain optimal health, as well as to treat acute and chronic conditions. IV therapy is safe and effective for strengthening the immune system during acute illnesses, stress, or fatigue. IV therapy can also dramatically improve chronic conditions like autoimmune diseases or chronic infections. It is especially useful for people who have impaired digestive function due to cancer treatment, autoimmune disease, diabetes, and surgery.

Benefits of Vitamin IVs:

  • Enhanced immune system and increased energy
  • Immediate availability of cellular nutrition
  • Bypasses the digestive tract for 100% absorption
  • Relieves stress, improves sleep, and slows aging
  • Improved overall mood and sense of well being

Are Vitamin IVs safe?

  • Long history of safety and efficacy
  • Infused and monitored by full medical staff of doctors and medical assistants
  • Safer delivery method for large nutrient doses not as well tolerated orally
  • Pharmaceutical grade compounded injectable solutions by Board certified compounding pharmacies

At Live Well Clinic we provide IV vitamin and mineral infusions for all levels of health and wellness. Before your first IV, visit with one of our doctors to find the perfect plan for you. We invite you to experience the most effective way to go beyond the basics and strive for maximum vitality. Experience “healthy cocktails” that can optimize your health and wellness.

Many people find IV nutrient hydration indispensable during our wedding and music concert (Coachella/ Stagecoach) seasons. Ask about our in-home/hotel services when planning your next celebration!

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