Naturopathic Primary Care for Adults

Naturopathic Primary Care for Adults

Naturopathic doctors (ND) are primary care doctors who are the original experts in integrative and functional medicine; combining extensive education and training in both science-based, natural and conventional medicine. There are two areas of focus in naturopathic medicine: one is supporting your body’s own healing abilities, and the other is empowering you to make lifestyle changes necessary for the best possible health. Naturopathic doctors serve as a catalyst for healthful change, motivating you to do what is necessary and encouraging you to take control of your health.

The doctors at Live Well Clinic spend quality time with you to understand and build a plan to help you achieve your health goals. Initial consultation is typically 60 minutes with a 30 minute follow up within 3-6 weeks. As your partners in health, we strive to find the cause of disease by addressing the patient as a whole being (body, mind, and spirit).  We focus on helping you create a healthier environment, inside and out, in which to LIVE WELL rather than only relieving symptoms.

Naturopathic doctors utilize a variety of therapies such as nutrition, herbal medicine, vitamin therapy, bio-identical hormone balancing, regenerative injection techniques, non-drug pain management, and pharmaceutical intervention only as necessary. Often specialized and comprehensive lab work are utilized to pin-point and correct non-optimal areas of your health so that we can correct health imbalance before disease can set in. Prevention and optimal healthy living is our primary health goal.



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