Sheri Hein

Certified Reiki Teacher

Sheri Hein has been a certified Reiki Teacher since 2001 and Reiki Master since 2003. She offers Reiki certification training and private energy healing & balancing sessions. Sheri has trained with top Reiki leaders and continues her education and mentorship with Pamela Miles, world-renowned Reiki Master and Pioneer.

Over the last 16 years, countless individuals have experienced transformative shifts from Sheri’s powerful Reiki treatments. As a Master/Teacher of the Usui System of Reiki, Sheri has been honored to certify students in all levels of Reiki.
Sheri has administered Reiki treatments in various settings, most recently teaching Reiki at the Wellness Center (La Quinta, CA), caring for patients at Transcend Sober Living (Beverly Hills, CA), and serving as the Reiki Practitioner at Torrance Memorial’s Health and Healing Center (Torrance, CA).
In Spring of 2000, Sheri was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. After enduring countless doctor visits and painful hypodermic injections, Sheri was guided to Reiki training. One year later, she had significant decreases in her pain and symptoms, and was able to stop the daily shots altogether. Today, Sheri lives an active life, and personally feels that her MS symptoms have been alleviated due to Reiki healing.

Sheri is a member of The International Association of Reiki Practitioners and is fully insured.