By Shari Jainuddin ND, BCB

Many people are familiar with the importance of B Vitamins and their effect when it comes to energy. In fact, that is part of the reason that B12 and other B vitamin shots have become so popular. But in addition to feeling a boost in energy, those B vitamins are important for many other processes that go on in the body and are crucial to brain function. In fact, healthy levels are associated with normal cognition, mood, and psychological function due to their role in nerve health.
B vitamins are water soluble and do not stay stored in your body. With a healthy balanced diet, you are likely getting enough B vitamins. People who have dietary restrictions may need to seek specific ways to get them into their diet. Depending on your health status, supplementation may be necessary, at least for a little while. If you feel you are suffering from low mood, fatigue, lack of energy, other mood changes or changes in your mental health, talk to your doctor about your symptoms. There may be other underlying conditions that account for your symptoms, so you want to make sure you are seeking medical advice before starting any supplements.